Five Fun Facts about Sean Ellis

Did you know he is also a Movie Star?

In 2006, during a deployment to Afghanistan, Sean’s National Guard platoon was assigned to provide transport and security for documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, during the initial filming of his movie, Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? Sean was Spurlock’s primary driver for several days, and while that entire sequence constitutes only a few minutes on screen, you can still spot Sean if you know where to look.


Did you know he is also a Gold Medal-winning Triathlete?

Sean has participated in several off-road adventure races and triathlons, more as a way of testing himself than competing with others, but in 2004, he earned a gold medal in the State Games of Oregon at a triathlon event, in the Team Mountain Bike Division. Yes, that was a real division, and yes, there were other teams (well, at least one) but a gold medal is a gold medal.


Did you know he also wrote Indiana Jones fanfic?

Raiders of the Lost Fanfic… Sean’s dream of writing action-packed adventure novels probably dates back to a time before the word “fanfic” was in the common vernacular. As a teenager in the mid 1980s, Sean wrote thirteen novella-length stories featuring Indiana Jones in three spiral bound notebooks. What became of those notebooks is a mystery that may never be solved. And probably shouldn’t be.


Did you know he is also a Treasure Hunter?

You remember the 1985 movie The Goonies, which featured a legendary pirate treasure on the Oregon coast? Well, the movie may have exaggerated some stuff, but according to local lore, there is a buried treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain near Tillamook, Oregon, and yes, Sean has looked for it.


Did you know he is also a talented musician?

Well, talented might be an exaggeration, but Sean is teaching himself to play the digeridoo. Why? Mostly because he needed five fun facts….